Saturday, April 26, 2008

Funny Pics

This is us in San Antonio at the famouse River Walk.

Here are some funny pics that forgot to put them on that were from our ''Honeymoon" This pic is for Larry.

My Wife and I

Everybody first off I want to apologise for the lackingness of updating our Blog. But we have been very busy and it's hard to get over to Celeste's brothers house and update stuff. But the past few weeks have been pretty crazy. Celeste is still working at "Benchmark" which is a place where behavioral and sex offenders go. So Celeste always likes to joke around when she comes home and tells me that she was beat up by the boys their. I'm not going to be suprised when she comes home and she has a black eye. But I love her anyways. But I'm going in for more interviews on Monday in Bountiful down the street from Grandpa Riggs house. If I get the job then i will be working at Menlove car dealership as a sales rep. They seem to like me very much over their so I'm pretty excited but the ony down fall is that I have to work on Saturdays which are the only days that Celeste and I get to hang out together. I aslo want to go along with clayton as he did on his blog to Congratualte Zach in making it into the Young Ambassadors and making into the the disney parades asrince Prince Charming .

Sunday, April 13, 2008

One amazing Sunday at the temple

Well this afternoon Celeste and I and her brother and his wife and daughter went to the Salt Lake temple this afternoon. . I was an amazing time as we enjoyed the beauty of the temple and of eachothers company. It was a wounderful Sunday with a great blue sky and a wounderful sunset that was going behind the temple. I know yall are jealouse but, we think about yall very often especially about the love that our families give us. we just want to say thank you again to all those who have helped us out.

Monday, April 7, 2008

I think I have the cuttest wife in the entir world I'm so lucky to have her as my wife.

New Jobs

Hey everyone as yall know Celesete and i recently have moved to the great state of Utah, but we have been having a hard time trying to find jobs. But the Lord has blessed us and both Celeste and I have jobs now. Celeste found a job working in Bountiful working for a agency that deals with troubled teens with mental issues. I just got a pretty sweet job with a company called Vector Marketing ( Sounds pretty important) but what they do is that they piggy back cutco knives and we don't go to door to door but what we do is that we call people up who have been intersted either by t.v. or word by mouth and we schedule a apt with the people who wuld be interested with buying cutco knives. So it's a pretty big company, I'm super excited. I start training next wednesday. So thank yall for yalls wounderful prayers in our behalf

Sunday, April 6, 2008