Sunday, June 29, 2008

The First Sign

Well this summer we have celestes Bro Dillian hanging out with us for the summer time. And the other night I was coming home from a long days of work and Celeste was telling me how she noticed that she is starting to show. She reminded me like she always does that were having twins and that she is showing alot more and alot sooner than other girls do. So we got hoe and man was she right her tummy is getting a little ronder... it's super exciting. We alos saw a video on youtube the other day of how big do mothers of twins really get. Ohhhhhhh my gosh i almost fainted bc they get so big....... I think that Celeste is going to fall over. But it's super exciting to see how the process goes and stuff

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Yep you read it right...I was called today to be the Young Mens president today for our Spanich Branch. So I guess the Lord didn't think that I had it hard enough with a full time job and twins on the way but I guess he thought that if he added this on as well wouldnt be as hard. Celeste is very excited for me and keeps on trying to tell me that everything will go great. I told her bc you arent doing it. But This calling is a huge deal for me and just all in all a pretty big calling. So I definatley for sure now have my plate full now. But all is well in Utah

Friday, June 20, 2008

Not ONE........ But TWINS

Hey everyone....... if yall have not heard we are expecting in January. But recently we had a doctors app abd we have found out that we are going to have TWINS...................... ya not the baseball team but yes actual twins. The estimated due date for Celeste is January 11. So we are very nervouse but yet very very excited to have two babies joining our small family. And we just found out today that the twins have a high risk of being identical twins. So we are super happy and very un prepared for what is coming but we will grow as it comes.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Our week in Park City

Well today was Celestes and I's BIG 3 month mark and I had gotten off work around 7 and we just up and left to park City just bc we needed to get out and have fun for a weekend since we just usually saty in. But we had gotten a junior sweet at a resort near main street and it ws an amazing room with two queen size beds two bthrooms and huge kitchen w frige and oven and microwave. basically a small 1 bedrooom apt, bt with two tv's. but this morning we had gotten up and early, and for those who are married when you get paid and a day later your going to shoppin town it's a no no, ut we had gone shoppn and eatn and all that fun stuff that couples do in park City. but we had a wounderful time and back to work on Monday. man I love being a married person.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Oh Deary ME!!!!

Its been a while since we posted well, celeste is doin well been feeling sick, but that comes with the package i guess. We have been feeling the pain of adulthood and responsibility. Celeste texted me the other day in capital letter might i add that we definitely have to down size. She told me that she spent almost 90 dollars in gas!!!!!! She was so depressed about that. so we are hoping to downsize soon and get rid of the gas hog. As for me i have changed my look, i have colored my hair to a darker color, and no it wasn't celeste's idea, it was mine. Its like a dark brown. When we get pictures we will surely share besides its time to take pictures. Celeste enjoyed her time in texas with her family and at her cousin's graduation, she is so proud of him! We are planning on taking a trip up to California in august so hopefully that still happens. I am Loving my job at Discover, did i mention the great benefits??? They are amazing celeste and i are now covered for medical, dental, and vision, its amazing and yea this soon we are covered!!!. I have passed my test with a 100% i must say i am overly joyous for myself and not to mention the great help my amazing wife did in helping me. I start on the floor on the 16th of this month so go me!!!!! Also Celeste has her first docotor's appointment on wednesday the 18th so we'll see what happens we will keep you posted!!!! Well love you guys and miss ya'll have a fantaboulous day and smile!