Monday, December 22, 2008

Why no pics

Hey everyone.. really quickly bc I dnt hve much time but the reason why we hvnt updated our blog in a while is bc our internet has been down... But we would love for all those who would like to come to see the babies to come. To get into the I.C.U you must be at least 18 or you can act as my sibling and get in if you 14 or older. But gve me a call at 801 739 2934. We will have pics up momentarily.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Nurturing Time

Today Jayson and I had the opportunity to have kangaroo care with the kids! This time I had Landon and Jayson had Hayden. Kangaroo care is when you and the baby contact skin to skin so they can feel your warmth and your body heat can keep them warm. Jayson looked soo happy and well i was happy myself. They both are doing very well and continue improving. For Landon and I it was the first time we got to bond. He knew exactly what to do when he and I praticed on nursing. We only hope that Hayden also knows what to do. After a while Jayson calls the nurse and lets her know that Hayden had pooped. Of course she asked jays if he wanted to change him and he did, well......when he was cleaning him Jays said he[hayden] took a deep breathe and let it alll out! On his hand and all over his bedding! It was hilarious!!!! The nursing intstructor comes in laughing and say hahahaha hayden pooped on dad's hand! and all we did was laugh. I had to say it also brightend my day even more! here are a few pictures we took for ya'll hope you enjoy and look how much darker hayden is than jays! I LOVE IT!!!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

1st Time for Everything

So i told Jayson when i went to see the boys i told him Hayden had smiled at me of course he was bummed BUT luckily when we both went he smiled! this is is first smiling picture!
This is the first time landon was wide awake and looking at us and reacting very well he was just soooo wiggly!
It was a great day yesturday cause Jays and I finally for the first time since they were born had the opportunity to carry them! look how tiny landon looks in Jayson's arms. When i asked him how it felt he couldn't explain, all he could say is it was great.
i too hav to agree with jayson i couldn't have been happier that moment.

An update on the boys is they are both off the IV's, breathing on their own, they are upping their meal intake everyday now. Eating 1oz or a little more every feeding time. The doctor said all we are waiting for is for them to bulk up a llittle. So we ae praying that they continue gaining the weight and keeping it. We can all ready tel who is goin to be the quiet one. hayden just lays there and sleeps very laid back and quiet. landon on the other hand in the 20 to 30 min we were there the nurse had to adjust him and and his little bedding about 4 or 5 times! He is such a wiggle warm! But i can't thank heavenly father enough for these beautiful blessings he has given us.