Thursday, January 29, 2009

We made it!

Hey guys well we finally made it to Texas. We first stopped in California and the beautiful weather and had a day of relaxing at Disneyland, it was way fun. Then we drove to Texas. The boys did very well but just as much as them we were tired of the car, and the road. They are growing so much, we will be posting new cute pictures really soon, just as soon as we get settled. We just wanted to let YA'LL know we are well and safe and just trying to get things going along.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Double the Trouble

So Celeste was cooking Sunday dinner and so I had the duty to feed the boys. And man it's tiring to feed both kids at once and let me tell you it takes some mad daddy skill to do it. I burped one kid and fed the other all at once. it's quite entertaining to watch.

Family Pictures

Hey yall we finally got the time yesterday and took family pictures. And of course they are boys they had to be in Angel outfits.... thnks to my sister Katie for getting those for us. But i think they turned out really well.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas and New years

So this is a little late but I love these pictures. These pics were taken by my sister katie while my mom and dad and niece were in utah for a week. But the day before Christmas we decided to go to my Grandpa Hess's house and went snowmobiling it was so much fun

Then we went to our cousins house where Zach held hayden for the first time as well as my mom.

Celeste and i at the hospital after visiting w the twins, and as well Celeste and i w a gift from Katie for the boys

The Answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So on both pics the left one is Landon and the right one is Hayden..... Shocking huh! Landon actually weighs more than Hayden......

Chase This Light

The New Jimmy Eat World Cd....... AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guess which one is which

Hey yall here are some pics of the twins. it's alot harder now to tell them apart. but I will give yall a chance to fgure out and then respond which ones are which. but last night was the first night we had all of them home at once, and it was an adventure. I envy parents who have to take care of only one kid. landon is alot more laid back and hayden is alot more needy.... he is alot more "look at me" but we love them both anywys

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


So there you have it! they are finally home. We have been practicing with Hayden for about a week now but lets see how it goes tonight with both of them. Jayson and I just want to thank everyone for their faith and their prayers its trully helped not onnly us but our boys. We love you guys and will be posting more soon!

Monday, January 5, 2009


We have alot to update but sorry no photos until we have the whole family together which won't be long. Well jays got a promotion at work which is way exciting, he really wasn't expecting it but he's happy about it. Well we didn't get the boys home for christmas which was a total bummer but Hayden came home the day after though. We have been getting some sleep but we'll see when Landon comes home which will hopefully be tuesday depending on his echo cardiogram results, so lets keep our fingers crossed! As for me i'm recovering well little pains here and there but all is well in the Hess home well almost home. We really enjoyed our first holidays together we were able to enjoy our families as they came down to visit, although we do miss them we can't wait to see them again. Well gotta update a lil later i have a handsome boy calling for me. Love you guys!