Saturday, September 27, 2008

Big Red

Hey yall just a FYI to those who dont know or havnt see seen her beauty. We have a new car..... or you can say a new van. it's so convienient it has automatic doors and the most usefull feture is that you can change the radio station from the steering wheele. It's so awesome so we just wanted to show you the new car

And it's going to allow us to handel both car seats and still open the doors

Double Up

Hey yall, celeste has been takin over the writing of the blog the last few posts because I have been so busy with my job that i dont have anytime to write on the blog. But since Celeste has access to the internet at work and since she does so much at work she spends some of that time writing about the pregnacy on the blog. Speaking of the pregnancy things are going great celeste has gotten really big and each day becomes more exciting. but the other night we decided that we needed to start gathering buying things for the twins. So we decided to go to target in Centerville and then the walmart there as well just to compare prices on car seats. So we decided to go to the Babies R Us in Midvale, and so we decided with the paycheck that we got for that week we decided that we werent going to leave that store with out buying something for Landon and Hayden and ths is what we cane out with.

Everything is coming together all too fast but yet looking at these two car seats it totally freks me out that im going to be a dad. But I'm anxiouse and thrilled for this experience

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

24 Weeks and goin!

Okay i'm really sorry if this picture is a lil gross but this is what they babies look like except they are breeched and not dow, any ways hope ya'll like the detail too. SORRY!!!!! Well Jayson had a way good experience last night and he was really excited. He felt them kick for the first time finally!!!!!!!! He felt alot of soft kicks but the last one he felt was a hard kick! He yelled out in excitement and was saying it was really weird but way awesome at the same time!!!!! He said i know they are in there now i knew and everything but i just know. Its like knowing for sure the Book of Mormon is true! He really enjoyed this way good daddy experience. I just wanted to share this with you all because he's really excited to be a dad. YEAY JAYS! He's a great person he's been way sweet to me and been really i mean really patient with me and what i'm going through. I just wanted to take this moment to give him a big thanks cause i honestly could not survive without his patience love and humor might i add when i really dont want to hear it he still does it and makes me laugh! So even though i thank him and tell him, i feel its not enough so i decided to take this time and do it. So Thanks Jayson for all you do and for putting up with a kranky pregnant wife. Your amazing in sooooo many ways i can't explain. I love you more than yesturday and i will love you more tomorrow and well when i'm going through labor if i'm mean just know its the pain talking, not me. LOL. Hope ya'll have an amazing day!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

BIG ONES!!!!!!

We had another appointment yesturday and it went fairly well. Although we didn't get our regular nurse whom we love it was good. They have grown since the last time they measured them. They both weigh a pound each is is 1lb 7oz and the other is 1lb and 4oz. Baby heavier one is in the 90% growth rate and the other is at 60% growth rate. Both the nurse and the doctor said that that is above average but it is a good thing. One baby seems to be behind the other a good 30% in all measuring. We really didn't get a good answer on how big they are but we can image they are a few inches bigger than last, duh. But we are thinkin 10 to 12 inches cause last time they were about 8 inches long. So we'll keep seeing the progress. They are still breeched so their little heads are in my rib cage just about, they are really starting to speak their little minds by hittin doing what babies in the womb do. I'm really excited that i'm feeling them more often and can feel them its just the coolest thing ever! It did feel a little weird at first but its becoming something normal and way awesome. Oh, good news that we got was that our babies don't have twin to twin transfusion!!!!!! Sooooo happy about that, all we have to do is keep it that way and safe! So thats one sign of releif. One more obsticle we have to get over is this ongoing craving of chinese food that i have. Boy does an egg roll sound good at this moment. Hint Hint all those who are in Utah and are close to us. LOL. But things are well we plan to take a trip to Texas on the 13th to the 17th of October with my brother and sister in law so things will be alot easier money wise! One last time for a while. Plus i gotta get my kids to taste some real mexican food! YUM! Jayson text me the other day and said that while he was getting dressed he got the tast of a diego burrito, a fabulous burrito place in san angelo, and the smell, he just couldn't wait hey neither can I!!!! Now that i have a excuse to eat lots!!!!!! We love ya'll and miss ya'll have a great day and we'll keep you posted!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We're Growing

So this is a picture of Celeste on Sunday before church. We finally got an updated picture, sorry for the delay on that. I thought i would take advantage of the fact that i finally got a phone with a camera on it. FINALLY! Things are growing great, Celeste and I are doin good and feeling good. Just really tired. She has been telling me that they are kickin and moving alot especially where their legs are, in the lower belly, they are constantly kikin one another. Yea shes just a lil scared of the growing belly. She commented on the picture saying "I do look pregnant and not look like i'm just gettin fat!" Well its hard for her to see cause she can't see herself in the perspective that others do. We had a doctor's visit the other day and she is doing well. After our next visit when she gets bigger we may have to go weekly visits monitor the babies. She also told us some news that really freaked Celeste out is that most likely she will be having a c-section. She has been seeing all the sonograms and their legs and feet are towards the birth canal so hopefully she can be a little more calm when she gets answers and asks the doctor all about a c-section. Well all is well in this Hess family. On sunday we got to go visit Dawn, the Bountiful Temple, and Grandma Cleo's grave, it was just one peaceful beautiful sunday. Dawn is still Dawn funny as always and so loving. We cleaned Grandma's grave and aunt Val's and also got to see a gorgeous view utah. Things are well and happy. Hope ya'll have a great day/week! And yes, more pictures to come!

Monday, September 8, 2008


So right before we went to bed last night i told Celeste that i had changed the blog a little. I had told her that instead of having Jayson and Celeste and the Twins i put down their names, Jayson and Celeste and Hayden and Landon she said it was way weird cause its coming real soon. SO i asked her if we were spelling landon's name landin? She said no its LandOn. She laughed real hard and said wow jays can't even spell our kid's name right, how is this gonna work? So we both laughed and she said its ok, as long as you remember to change diapers i don't care. Oh boy diaper duty very soon, OH JEEZ! Double duty! Good Luck to me!
Love ya'll!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


We had our second sonogram today at LDS Hospital. Boy are they full of energy! It also didn't help that Celeste ate before the appointment too. So that made them active. While sitting there we got to hear and see both little heart beats, they are strong and healthy. We also saw that they were kiking eachother on the legs, i must say it was pretty dang funny. They are growin very well liquid levels are still equal so that makes us very happy, the brains are normal also. We saw the spine on one of the boys and it looks way cool and firm. They aren't very concerned they are actually shocked that she is doing so well and feels good. The doctor told us that we just have to be careful and be aware of some things that could show the signs of twin to twin transfusion, which one gets more liquid than the other, and also he said she will start having some contractions now hopefully not too bad, but to call asap if it is more than 2 an hour. We were finished farely quickly at the appt but they wouldn't release her because its twins and they won't release her until the doctor has seen her but he wasnt there when we were done so we waited about 10 minutes suprisingly. SO i'm glad she is getting well takin care of we have another appointment there in the 22 to measure levels and their growth! WE are way excited!!!!! All is well here with us and the pregnancy, no need to worry about anything! Love you guys!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

OH BOYS!!!!!!!!

Okay so i'm sure everyone has heard the news that we are having boys but we had to post it. Well we had this cool little video/dvd for you guys that they gave us at the docotor's office but it took a long time and plus it was way big so we could not fit it on a you tube video either so yea. we promise we will post some pictures up as soon as we can find celeste's camera charger to take pics of the sonogram pictures and of her growing tummy. Updates are that there is a big possibility that we will have the boys sooner than we thought. Well when we were at the docotor's office Celeste brought up a concern about her being a smaller person and if the twins were able to fit in her belly. The docotor then told us that her possibilties of having them premature jumped to a high possibilty of having them sooner than we had thought which could be 24 to 26 weeks early. Yea, we thought the same thing also. Thats way early. But, Celeste is confident that things wont be that early. She feels and is doing great and has a positive attitude that all is goin to be well, which helps me out alot. She feels that we will surpass those weeks and make it to at least the 30 or hoping the 32 weeks which the babies will be closer to and fully developed. thats her main concern is that she wants them fully developed and she won't be so scared to have them premature although its still a risk. But we a having high hopes and positive attitudes that the lord is watching over us and taking care of us, we just need to keep going with faith like we have these past 5 months and even before that. Things are goin very well here in salt lake Celeste finally found a great job she is a receptionist at her old job at the hospital. She pretty much just sits there and takes phone calls that come on a good day 2 times an hour. Hahahaha but its perfect because she is not stressed or on her feet too long so i'm glad she got that job. As for me i'm doin pretty good i was in a meeting a few weeks ago with the higher guys at discover and they were concidering me in moving me up so, things are goin farely well. Well we truly miss and love you guys and hope all the best for you all. Take care and we will keep in touch. Well at least try to. SMILES!!!!!!