Thursday, October 29, 2009

Trunk of Treating

Well I know tht we hve really been lazy reagrding our blogging, bt really we hve been really busy. So I decided to start off this new blogging period with some new and improved twin pictures at there first halloween trunk or treating. It was Friday night at our stake center and Celeste was Tinkerbelle and I was Peter Pan, and the boys were the pirates. Bt Celeste's dad made the boys a ship out of a wagon, he mafe evrything tht u see on the wagon he nailed all the wood on he drilled a hole in the middle of the wagon so there culd be a mast.... Things people do for there grandkids. Bt ya Celeste and I are doing really good, I'm actually joining the Airforce pretty soon so ya me. And Celeste is about 6 mnths along and she is doing good. And everyone just for the record I didnt wear tights with my costume.