Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day

Well Celeste and I would like to take this short time of space that we have to express the love and the gratittude that we have fro our mothers and just how dear they are to our heart, even though sometimes we don't show it. Today at church we learned that the wife is a help mate for us to get back to our Heavenly Father. And that Heavenly Father had put alot of differences between us and the women so we may have differences but if we work out those differences what great union can we be. And over the many of years that i lied under the roof of my parents I have learned alot. But the top 5 things that i have learned the most is the unconditional love to other people. just being nice, " because Nice matters" Thats what my mom has on her piano. And that is a very simple but deep truth. That in reality we are all the same we just loose sight of that sometimes. The 2nd one that i have learned is no matter what happens or will happen the wife is always right no matter what. The 3rd the how to give service, this one is a little from my dad but it applies to my mom as well, service and knowing how to work will take you far in this life. The 4th is always pay your tithing no matter how poor you are, that principle has been tested over and over in our marriage because of the little money that we have. but the last and the most important thing that i have learned from my mom is to make sure that the wife is always in controll of the remote controll. hahahaha I can't believe how bad I sound like my father. but we just want to say thanks to our moms and that your love and devotion in our lives has not gone unoticed


Katie May said...

way to go, Jayson!! What a thoughtful post. I know that Celeste is lucky to have you, but BOY are you lucky to have her, kiddo! Happy Mother's Day, Celeste!

Josh & Hayley said...

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