Monday, January 5, 2009


We have alot to update but sorry no photos until we have the whole family together which won't be long. Well jays got a promotion at work which is way exciting, he really wasn't expecting it but he's happy about it. Well we didn't get the boys home for christmas which was a total bummer but Hayden came home the day after though. We have been getting some sleep but we'll see when Landon comes home which will hopefully be tuesday depending on his echo cardiogram results, so lets keep our fingers crossed! As for me i'm recovering well little pains here and there but all is well in the Hess home well almost home. We really enjoyed our first holidays together we were able to enjoy our families as they came down to visit, although we do miss them we can't wait to see them again. Well gotta update a lil later i have a handsome boy calling for me. Love you guys!