Sunday, August 2, 2009

The long awaited Tale

Sorry that Celeste nor I have made any attempts to update our blog w recent pictures of the boys or of ourselves. The last time that we wrote in this blog was long before our trip to California. But there are many reasons why we havent been able to update our blog. 1st excuse we didn't have a computer, and the ones that we were using the internet was down for a while. 2nd excuse is we have been super busy with the boys, were so busy that we dont have time for time with ourselves, I hardly spend time with Celeste more or less any me time. But since my BIG 23rd birthday is coming she decided that we I needed a laptop to help us out with the failure of blogging, as well for those who know me I'm very competitive and Celeste and I are constantly trying to out do one another. And I guess she has won....... For Now!!!!!!!!!!!!! But the boys are good they are 8 months and some change, they are getting very big as the days pass on. They are sitting up on there own and Hayden is starting to crawl, which makes it a pain to put him asleep, and Landon is slowly catching on. Celeste is about 4 months due and it's been a roller coaster as all pragnacies are. But were doing good we will post more picture online once we find Celeste's camera


The Hodges Family said...

Congrats on new computer! Cant wait to see new pictures!!!!

Cam said...

Its good to hear from the Texas Hesses.

The Yates said...

you guys are pregnant again???

vasilis said...

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