Friday, October 10, 2008

General Confrence

Hey Yall Celeste and i and her brother had some amazing tickets this year for confrence. We had seats right in the middle right behind the audio people in the plaza section. I was really suprised when President Monson mentioned my Grandpa in his talk... it was really shocking hearing Brother Hess from a Prophets mouth. But we are kinda spoiled bc Celeste's mom sends us the tickets from Texas so we use them and they are usually pretty good seats and are usually awesome seats. We alson had the privelage to have Zach with us for the afternoon session of Confrence on Sunday and the morning session on Saturday and Priesthood. I'm sure yall are sick of hearing bout confrence and want to hear about Celeste and she is doing great getting bigger each day. We are excited to have Landon and Hayden come into the family. We are going to Texas this Saturday till Friday for Baby Showers. We have been very busy with everything especially with my work. I'm getting promoted in December to a higher level in Discover Card. But life is well and rolling right along with us. This picture I took with my camera after the Sunday Session of confrence.

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