Saturday, October 25, 2008

Texas Trip/ Baby Shower

Hey everyone it's been a while since Celeste or I have writeen in the blog, so our bad. But we recently went down to Texas for some baby showers it was really fun getting time off of work, but it was a really long drive their. But as you can see Hayden and Landon got their first pair of Jordans. We got alot of clothes that we really needed. But the babys are doing really good Celeste is at 27 weeks out Dr, App are going weekly now, and our goal is 34 weeks which would be the second week of December. But Celeste is getting bigger and bigger daily and we are anxiously waiting on the boys to come. We miss yall so much and hope to see yall real soon

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The Hodges Family said...

Cute cute! Glad you guys got needed things and had fun! Love ya