Monday, December 8, 2008

1st Time for Everything

So i told Jayson when i went to see the boys i told him Hayden had smiled at me of course he was bummed BUT luckily when we both went he smiled! this is is first smiling picture!
This is the first time landon was wide awake and looking at us and reacting very well he was just soooo wiggly!
It was a great day yesturday cause Jays and I finally for the first time since they were born had the opportunity to carry them! look how tiny landon looks in Jayson's arms. When i asked him how it felt he couldn't explain, all he could say is it was great.
i too hav to agree with jayson i couldn't have been happier that moment.

An update on the boys is they are both off the IV's, breathing on their own, they are upping their meal intake everyday now. Eating 1oz or a little more every feeding time. The doctor said all we are waiting for is for them to bulk up a llittle. So we ae praying that they continue gaining the weight and keeping it. We can all ready tel who is goin to be the quiet one. hayden just lays there and sleeps very laid back and quiet. landon on the other hand in the 20 to 30 min we were there the nurse had to adjust him and and his little bedding about 4 or 5 times! He is such a wiggle warm! But i can't thank heavenly father enough for these beautiful blessings he has given us.


Katie May said...

How wonderful! I've been dying to see these pictures of YOU and your babies!! You look wonderful, Celeste! What a huge blessing that they are doing so well. Hopefully you'll have 2 little Christmas gifts to take home with you soon! All our love and prayers!

Cam said...

Babies smiling in their sleep can only mean one thing....gas! :P