Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Nurturing Time

Today Jayson and I had the opportunity to have kangaroo care with the kids! This time I had Landon and Jayson had Hayden. Kangaroo care is when you and the baby contact skin to skin so they can feel your warmth and your body heat can keep them warm. Jayson looked soo happy and well i was happy myself. They both are doing very well and continue improving. For Landon and I it was the first time we got to bond. He knew exactly what to do when he and I praticed on nursing. We only hope that Hayden also knows what to do. After a while Jayson calls the nurse and lets her know that Hayden had pooped. Of course she asked jays if he wanted to change him and he did, well......when he was cleaning him Jays said he[hayden] took a deep breathe and let it alll out! On his hand and all over his bedding! It was hilarious!!!! The nursing intstructor comes in laughing and say hahahaha hayden pooped on dad's hand! and all we did was laugh. I had to say it also brightend my day even more! here are a few pictures we took for ya'll hope you enjoy and look how much darker hayden is than jays! I LOVE IT!!!!!