Thursday, February 26, 2009

The love of my life

Hey yall so your not all confused before I write this blog this is Jayson. I have been reflecting and thinking as Celeste and I are hitting our 1 year anniversary next month on te 14th. I have been thinking of how much we have grown and been haveing flashbacks of our wedding day and how crazy we were and how we had no idea what was in for us in the future. I was also looking back on how mostly everyone thought we were crazy for marrying because we had not been on a date let alone dated. But now that we have kids and we have changed alot do to the expieriences that we have had I realize how lucky I am. Celeste does so much for this family, I can't even start to comprehend how much she does for us. so this blog I will be bragging how awesome she is. Just to start off he is the back bone of our marriage she keeps me going. She even when she is dead tired and exhausted she takes the boys at night, just so I can have enough sleep to go to work the next day. I dont know the last time that i took the boys by myself at night. She loves our family with all her heart, and i couldn't even start to do what she does with the boys with her patience and her hard work she puts in to make the boys happy.... and when she has the time to make me happy... even though she doesnt have to. I just wanted o take this time because I haven't been too good at it, But I love you Celeste even though I'm not good sometimes showing it. Thank you for making me laugh and being thier for me when I'm not in the mood. Thanks for everyhting


The Hodges Family said...

Aw!!! Such a sweet blog. You guys are awesome! We miss you tons! HAPPY EARLY ANNIVERSARY!

Cam said...

Nice tribute to Celeste, but you're probably in the dog house for posting that unflattering photo of her. BTW, wHaT is she eating!? It looks like a styrofoam cup full of corn, hominy, ketchup, and shredded wheat!