Monday, February 2, 2009

The Twins Blessing

Hey everyone.... I know that your all dying to see more pictures of the boys.... So I decided to do it last. But the boys have grown so much Hayden is so heavy. I'm gaining my muscle back that I never had. But the boys were blessed in our new ward in Texas. Our ward is the San Angelo 2nd Ward... It's a big military ward which makes it twice as fun because everyone comes in with their own background and culture.... anyways the boys were blessed on Sunday.. and what an expirience it waas for me as a dad to experience that oppurtunity to bless your own kids. But I'm such a Goof... I blessed Hayden first and as i was saying his name I couldnt remember the middle name... I was so red it was a good 5 min pause then I remembered it. I feel like my dad when he calls me Clayton then corrects himself and calls me Zach. Man i'm having a hard time as it is remebering who they are when I'm holing them. Well these were the outfits that they were blessed in. Kids in general are so hard but man they are such a blessing... at times i find my self scratching my head trying to be patient but then you catch those new baby smiles that they show you and all the drowziness and sleep deprived that you leaves. And i thought that ordering from In and Out was hard.


The Hodges Family said...

Wish we could have been there to yell out middle names from the back row of the church! =) Just kidding. We love ya and bummed we missed it. Glad to hear youre enjoying the ups and downs of parenthood and that the boys are doing well.

Katie May said...

Look how cute they are! We so wish we could have been there. Thanks for sharing!

Cam said...

>>I couldnt remember the middle name.<<
It didn't help any that the forgotten middle name is from the side of the family you are LIVING with! :-O

Its good to know that I've managed to pass on my hereditary memory loss. ;)