Saturday, June 14, 2008

Our week in Park City

Well today was Celestes and I's BIG 3 month mark and I had gotten off work around 7 and we just up and left to park City just bc we needed to get out and have fun for a weekend since we just usually saty in. But we had gotten a junior sweet at a resort near main street and it ws an amazing room with two queen size beds two bthrooms and huge kitchen w frige and oven and microwave. basically a small 1 bedrooom apt, bt with two tv's. but this morning we had gotten up and early, and for those who are married when you get paid and a day later your going to shoppin town it's a no no, ut we had gone shoppn and eatn and all that fun stuff that couples do in park City. but we had a wounderful time and back to work on Monday. man I love being a married person.