Friday, June 20, 2008

Not ONE........ But TWINS

Hey everyone....... if yall have not heard we are expecting in January. But recently we had a doctors app abd we have found out that we are going to have TWINS...................... ya not the baseball team but yes actual twins. The estimated due date for Celeste is January 11. So we are very nervouse but yet very very excited to have two babies joining our small family. And we just found out today that the twins have a high risk of being identical twins. So we are super happy and very un prepared for what is coming but we will grow as it comes.


samunwritten said...

Ahhh!! So exciting you two!! Actually, you four now!

KT Hodges said...

Good luck to "little" Miss Celeste! She sure is gonna be all baby!!! Nowhere for them to go but out...We're so happy and excited for you guys....Love ya!

Clay said...

Way to go Celeste!! You're my hero. We're so excited for you and Jayson for this huge step in your lives. We love you and wish we lived closer.

Clay and Katie May