Sunday, June 22, 2008


Yep you read it right...I was called today to be the Young Mens president today for our Spanich Branch. So I guess the Lord didn't think that I had it hard enough with a full time job and twins on the way but I guess he thought that if he added this on as well wouldnt be as hard. Celeste is very excited for me and keeps on trying to tell me that everything will go great. I told her bc you arent doing it. But This calling is a huge deal for me and just all in all a pretty big calling. So I definatley for sure now have my plate full now. But all is well in Utah


KT Hodges said...

Congrats! You'll do great! We love you!

The Yates said...

way to go heth!

Cam said...

Just the opportunity to stretch your soul in service to others. Even though family comes first, you'll have to sacrifice some time with Celeste to magnify this calling. Congratulations. The Lord knows you can do it, and so do I.