Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Babies Update

Well we finally received our results from our docotor today, and the goodness is that the preeclampsia is negative, so thank goodness i don't have it. Also today we did our first of many NST's which are non stress test to monitor the babies and their well being. During our first round which lasted bout 30 0r 40 minutes i had 3 almost 4 contrctions, we told our doctor and she wasnt too worried so we'll see how this goes, i have been having them since then they are at least 20 to 30 minutes apart. so hopefully nothing continues to go wrong. my blood pressure was still up yesturday it was a tad bit better today, but i gotta keep checking it until our next appt which is monday and maybe have better news. so we'll keep you posted we are pretty much just playig it by ear. Jayson and I were kind of schoked when the nurse was telling us that maybe heavenly father wants these babies to come sooner than they are to be expected, so we just pretty much just looked at eachother and were like nice, thanks a bunch nurse, so like i said we are playing by ear now. we'll surely keep ya informed. :) love you guys!