Monday, November 17, 2008


Heres a picture of one of the gifts that I received from another baby shower that was trhrown for me by my sister in law and her family. It was a fun time but boy was i tired

And another recent picture of the belly. i really enjoyed the lil jumper suit that says daddy's cowboy, so did jayson it just fit perfectly for the way jays is. We had a pretty good time but i was pretty tired. Also beind in pain wasn't very fun i was feeling pressure everytime i would re-position myself or when i would stand up. We went to a doctors visit just to make sure that all is well, when we arrive i do the things i do with a regular visit, as soon as im done the nurse calls us back checks my blood pressure and says wow that is high, are you swollen and i showed her my ankles and she said ok im going to let u sit for a few seconds comes bakc and says uip still high and rising. which FYI that was not normal for me. all lmy check ups my blood pressure has been right on track! so they drew some blood and am on a 24 hour test and depending on the results will determine where i will be put in bed rest. So as of today i'm on bedrest big bummer but hey if it keeps the boys safe, i don't care. so we are taking it easy and well we will keep you posted but other than the pressure all is still safe especially the boys.