Friday, November 14, 2008

Celestes Birthday

So Celeste is now the big 25. But her bday was a busy one. I hve never seen a happier prgnant lady in my whole life. Celeste started off the day with her brother making breakfast for us. Then I pulled out her suprise rocking chair which she had no idea about. she sat in it and loved it for good while.... (It's really kumpfy.) Then after we got all washed up and ready to go i ask Celeste where or what she wants to do for her day. I thought you know go spend time with my husband and be with him. NOPE she sais.....mmmmmmmmmmm I wanna get my hair done. being a guy I had no idea what that cost.... But I found out... so we wnet to get her hair done... for the record never go..... It takes forever. But it was her day.... aand she looked really relaxed and happy. Then after that we decide to go out to eat at Texas Road House... it;s simular to Lonestar but it;s better and more open less formal. But we had Ribs and Chicken Fried Steak and all the yummy fatting food that both Celeste and I miss on our mission. So after that i thought that that was the night. I didnt know that her mom sent us 200 buks to spenf any way we wnated. And Celeste goes straight into Walmart and right into the babay section.... Go Figure.