Saturday, September 27, 2008

Double Up

Hey yall, celeste has been takin over the writing of the blog the last few posts because I have been so busy with my job that i dont have anytime to write on the blog. But since Celeste has access to the internet at work and since she does so much at work she spends some of that time writing about the pregnacy on the blog. Speaking of the pregnancy things are going great celeste has gotten really big and each day becomes more exciting. but the other night we decided that we needed to start gathering buying things for the twins. So we decided to go to target in Centerville and then the walmart there as well just to compare prices on car seats. So we decided to go to the Babies R Us in Midvale, and so we decided with the paycheck that we got for that week we decided that we werent going to leave that store with out buying something for Landon and Hayden and ths is what we cane out with.

Everything is coming together all too fast but yet looking at these two car seats it totally freks me out that im going to be a dad. But I'm anxiouse and thrilled for this experience