Wednesday, September 24, 2008

24 Weeks and goin!

Okay i'm really sorry if this picture is a lil gross but this is what they babies look like except they are breeched and not dow, any ways hope ya'll like the detail too. SORRY!!!!! Well Jayson had a way good experience last night and he was really excited. He felt them kick for the first time finally!!!!!!!! He felt alot of soft kicks but the last one he felt was a hard kick! He yelled out in excitement and was saying it was really weird but way awesome at the same time!!!!! He said i know they are in there now i knew and everything but i just know. Its like knowing for sure the Book of Mormon is true! He really enjoyed this way good daddy experience. I just wanted to share this with you all because he's really excited to be a dad. YEAY JAYS! He's a great person he's been way sweet to me and been really i mean really patient with me and what i'm going through. I just wanted to take this moment to give him a big thanks cause i honestly could not survive without his patience love and humor might i add when i really dont want to hear it he still does it and makes me laugh! So even though i thank him and tell him, i feel its not enough so i decided to take this time and do it. So Thanks Jayson for all you do and for putting up with a kranky pregnant wife. Your amazing in sooooo many ways i can't explain. I love you more than yesturday and i will love you more tomorrow and well when i'm going through labor if i'm mean just know its the pain talking, not me. LOL. Hope ya'll have an amazing day!


KT Hodges said...

SO awesome to hear Jayson finally got to feel the babies kick! Such a wonderful unforgettable experience you both are having. Miss and love you both tons. So excited to meet those babies!

Cam said...

Way to be, Big Red!