Tuesday, September 2, 2008

OH BOYS!!!!!!!!

Okay so i'm sure everyone has heard the news that we are having boys but we had to post it. Well we had this cool little video/dvd for you guys that they gave us at the docotor's office but it took a long time and plus it was way big so we could not fit it on a you tube video either so yea. we promise we will post some pictures up as soon as we can find celeste's camera charger to take pics of the sonogram pictures and of her growing tummy. Updates are that there is a big possibility that we will have the boys sooner than we thought. Well when we were at the docotor's office Celeste brought up a concern about her being a smaller person and if the twins were able to fit in her belly. The docotor then told us that her possibilties of having them premature jumped to a high possibilty of having them sooner than we had thought which could be 24 to 26 weeks early. Yea, we thought the same thing also. Thats way early. But, Celeste is confident that things wont be that early. She feels and is doing great and has a positive attitude that all is goin to be well, which helps me out alot. She feels that we will surpass those weeks and make it to at least the 30 or hoping the 32 weeks which the babies will be closer to and fully developed. thats her main concern is that she wants them fully developed and she won't be so scared to have them premature although its still a risk. But we a having high hopes and positive attitudes that the lord is watching over us and taking care of us, we just need to keep going with faith like we have these past 5 months and even before that. Things are goin very well here in salt lake Celeste finally found a great job she is a receptionist at her old job at the hospital. She pretty much just sits there and takes phone calls that come on a good day 2 times an hour. Hahahaha but its perfect because she is not stressed or on her feet too long so i'm glad she got that job. As for me i'm doin pretty good i was in a meeting a few weeks ago with the higher guys at discover and they were concidering me in moving me up so, things are goin farely well. Well we truly miss and love you guys and hope all the best for you all. Take care and we will keep in touch. Well at least try to. SMILES!!!!!!