Wednesday, September 3, 2008


We had our second sonogram today at LDS Hospital. Boy are they full of energy! It also didn't help that Celeste ate before the appointment too. So that made them active. While sitting there we got to hear and see both little heart beats, they are strong and healthy. We also saw that they were kiking eachother on the legs, i must say it was pretty dang funny. They are growin very well liquid levels are still equal so that makes us very happy, the brains are normal also. We saw the spine on one of the boys and it looks way cool and firm. They aren't very concerned they are actually shocked that she is doing so well and feels good. The doctor told us that we just have to be careful and be aware of some things that could show the signs of twin to twin transfusion, which one gets more liquid than the other, and also he said she will start having some contractions now hopefully not too bad, but to call asap if it is more than 2 an hour. We were finished farely quickly at the appt but they wouldn't release her because its twins and they won't release her until the doctor has seen her but he wasnt there when we were done so we waited about 10 minutes suprisingly. SO i'm glad she is getting well takin care of we have another appointment there in the 22 to measure levels and their growth! WE are way excited!!!!! All is well here with us and the pregnancy, no need to worry about anything! Love you guys!!!!!!!


KT Hodges said...

Glad all went well at the dr! How cute and fun to be able to see all of that in the ultrasound on screen! Those boys are having lots of fun in there together! Keep us posted, love you!

Our family said...

Thats so awesome Jayson, congrats to you and Celeste again!Have you guys thought of any names yet? -Autumn