Tuesday, September 23, 2008

BIG ONES!!!!!!

We had another appointment yesturday and it went fairly well. Although we didn't get our regular nurse whom we love it was good. They have grown since the last time they measured them. They both weigh a pound each is is 1lb 7oz and the other is 1lb and 4oz. Baby heavier one is in the 90% growth rate and the other is at 60% growth rate. Both the nurse and the doctor said that that is above average but it is a good thing. One baby seems to be behind the other a good 30% in all measuring. We really didn't get a good answer on how big they are but we can image they are a few inches bigger than last, duh. But we are thinkin 10 to 12 inches cause last time they were about 8 inches long. So we'll keep seeing the progress. They are still breeched so their little heads are in my rib cage just about, they are really starting to speak their little minds by hittin doing what babies in the womb do. I'm really excited that i'm feeling them more often and can feel them its just the coolest thing ever! It did feel a little weird at first but its becoming something normal and way awesome. Oh, good news that we got was that our babies don't have twin to twin transfusion!!!!!! Sooooo happy about that, all we have to do is keep it that way and safe! So thats one sign of releif. One more obsticle we have to get over is this ongoing craving of chinese food that i have. Boy does an egg roll sound good at this moment. Hint Hint all those who are in Utah and are close to us. LOL. But things are well we plan to take a trip to Texas on the 13th to the 17th of October with my brother and sister in law so things will be alot easier money wise! One last time for a while. Plus i gotta get my kids to taste some real mexican food! YUM! Jayson text me the other day and said that while he was getting dressed he got the tast of a diego burrito, a fabulous burrito place in san angelo, and the smell, he just couldn't wait hey neither can I!!!! Now that i have a excuse to eat lots!!!!!! We love ya'll and miss ya'll have a great day and we'll keep you posted!

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KT Hodges said...

Glad all is well so far! Thanks for keeping us updated...
I LOVE chinese food...that craving thing is too funny! Way cool that you get to go to Texas next month! That should be lots of fun Im sure.Love you guys!